RESOURCE: User's guide for the use of TACL software

Dear colleagues,

Over the past four years, my programmer colleague, Jamie Norrish, and I have been developing TACL, a suite of free computer tools to assist in the anaysis of digitised Chinese Buddhist texts. I have now written a guide to the use of TACL in application to typical research questions, and made it available here:

I hope that interested readers of this list will read the guide and consider how they might apply these tools in their own work.

RESOURCE: Library of .slr files (to run user-delimited searches) for use with CBReader

Dear colleagues,

The CBReader allows searching through user-delimited groups of texts, rather than the entire corpus. This functionality is a powerful facet of the CBReader's search capacities. However, I have found that creation of such groups can be cumbersome with the CBReader point-and-click interface, especially if the groups one wishes to create are very large, and not captured by the traditional organisation of the canon.

Re: Query: program to scan Hebrew to editable text?

Abbyy Finereader and the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) have very good models for modern Hebrew typefaces (e.g., a well scanned journal article). If all you want is text (not, say, a spreadsheet or table), there is also google's built in OCR when you convert files to google doc format:
If you want something more exotic (poorly preserved pages, an early modern typeface) something more customizable may be required).
Hope this helps.
Hayim Lapin

Re: Query: program to scan Hebrew to editable text?

Dear Justin,

I have been using Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro and
it has worked well.

Best regards,

Dov Winer
Judaica Europeana
The programme for a Jewish Knowledge Grid is available here: cellular: +972.508.261163

Query: program to scan Hebrew to editable text?

Computer software and apps are available that will scan English documents into editable texts. Is such a program available for Hebrew?

With thanks,


Justin Jaron Lewis


Associate Professor, Judaism


Department of Religion

332 Fletcher Argue Building

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2

(204) 474-8696

CollectiveAccess for Oral Histories + Other Collections

Has anyone used CollectiveAcess to display oral history collections alongside other materials, such as photographs, images of artwork, publications, or other ephemera? It appears to be an effective and dynamic way of showcasing a diverse catalog of materials.

I'd be curious to hear any success stories or challenges from anyone who's worked with this software.


Sarah Dziedzic

Call for Digital Humanities project participants

Hello colleagues, 
We are a team of interdisciplinary scholars working on a mapping project for public protests in Ukraine and beyond. We are currently looking for a software developer(s) and a web designer, who would like to participate in our promising and very current humanities initiative.

Re: Anyone like any transcription software?

I switched to Transcribe! software ( some time ago and have found it brilliant. Primarily designed for musicians it is widely used for transcribing audio. A paid programme but well worth the money for simplicity and ease of use, and the person who designed it is very helpful and responsive.

Pip Oldham


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