Mandatory Civics Class - What grade? Why?

I am reviewing the recent Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework (see pp.79-86 for grade 8 standards - I have some thoughts on these too...)

And the state (DESE) is thinking of adopting a required grade 8 civics course.

I have always thought 12 would be best.  Right before the real world, age of majority, and voting.

I would also be for letting districts decide where it should fall but that can be a bit messy if the state

Boston Public Schools to Eliminate History & Social Science Departments

It was announced today that the Boston Public School department is "reorganizing" by eliminating all Departments of History & Social Sciences in all schools and folding the departments into the Department of English Language Arts as a "Humanities Department" with the currciculum determined by the ELA Common Core Standards.  Certified history department heads/chairs are being laid off and, apaprently, no certified history specialist will be hired to replace any of these teachers.

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