Book Channel Essay | The US Civil War Era and Latin America

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Many of you may take interest in the following H-Net Book Channel Essay by Chase McCarter on the American Civil War and Latin America:

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"The Wrongful Death of Toussaint Louverture," by Marlene L. Daut

The Wrongful Death of Toussaint Louverture

The hero of the Haitian Revolution’s lonely death in a French prison cell was not an unfortunate tragedy but a cruel story of deliberate destruction.

Marlene L. Daut | Published in History Today Volume 70 Issue 6 June 2020

ToC for Journal of the Early Republic Vol. 40.2


Following is the Table of Contents for the latest issue of the Journal of the Early Republic.

Published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Volume 40.2, Summer 2020

Africa in the Early Republic and the Early Republic in Africa

Naming Our African Ancestors: Pushing, and Respecting, the Limits
Rebecca Shumway

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