Re: Ford on Sango, 'The Halo of Golden Light: Imperial Authority and Buddhist Ritual in Heian Japan'

I hesitate to criticize a book I have not yet had a chance to read, but I would like to make several observations based on James Ford's review. My main complaint about studies such as Dr. Sango's on Heian state Buddhism is that they do not provide an adequate understanding of Nara period history and religion as the background for what happened afterward.

Re: REVIEW: Jolyon Thomas on studies of Shinto

I am very interested in this discussion and would like to add a couple of further points if the editors allow. I am a lurker on H-Japan, but I serve as one of the editors of H-Asia and also (for another month or so) as the president of H-Net (note that I am not speaking on behalf of H-Net but as an individual scholar and editor).


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