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Dear SHEARites (apologies for double-posting)

With SHEAR 2019 a little more than 5 weeks away, the conference hotel has very nearly sold out:  if you haven't yet reserved a room, please do so today by calling the Marriott directly at (617) 494-6600 and mentioning SHR, or on online by following this link.  Once gone, there will be no more rooms at the conference hotel.

First Annual SHEAR Biography Workshop

A biography workshop will be held on Thursday before the annual SHEAR conference begins, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The morning program includes presentations by Tamara Thornton, Sara Georgini, Amy Greenberg, Lorri Glover, and Lucia McMahon on various aspects of historical biography. After lunch, participants will be in breakout groups to discuss their own work. The only cost is for lunch, which will be catered.

Call for Panelists: The Uses and Abuses of Fashion in the Early Republic

Hello historians, 

A co-panelist and I are looking to organize a panel on the politics of beauty and fashion for the SHEAR 2019 conference. We know it's a bit late, but if anyone is interested, we're still looking for another presenter, a panel chair, and a commentator. 

We're interested in broad questions:

Call for Panelists: New Approaches to the Politics of the 1850s, Including Gender/Women's History

I am looking to assemble a panel for the 2019 SHEAR conference in Cambrige. My paper would be about the display of a Wild Woman in Cincinnati in 1856. Particularly, I'd like to talk about how men in different political parties addressed this unseemly spectacle, which overlapped both the Democratic convention and the Margaret Garner trial. Panelists or commentators interested in gender and the 1850s, or in the politics of the 1850s, are especially welcome. Wouldn't it be great to have a panel called "Sex-tional Politics in Antebellum America"?  


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