Seeking commentator for SHAFR panel on non-elite participation in American foreign relations

Hello all,

I am seeking a chair and commentator for a 2019 SHAFR panel. We have three panelists who will present on non-elites' participation in American Foreign policy in the 19th and 20th centuries. The panelists will speak both about case studies, and discuss some of the methodological challenges of doing the history of international relations from the perspective of people who were historically, and are archivally marginalized.

If you would be interested in commenting, please contact me at

Seeking panel for SHAFR 2019

Looking to join or form a panel on Cold War migration or a related topic. My paper is on the American government's use of the term 'refugee' in its rhetoric on Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union and MENA during the Cold War.

Please direct any queries to

Many thanks

Amy Fedeski

PhD student

Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia

Seeking commentator for SHAFR panel on Franco-American relations and comparisons

Hello, a panel of scholars interested in presenting research on Franco-American relations and comparisons from the late nineteenth century to the Vietnam War era is interested in identifying a commentator for our panel. Papers will concern French Algeria's role in the U.S. treatment of the Philippines as U.S. territories; Franco-American relations over Vietnam, 1954-64; and a comparison of French and American policies of "imperial citizenship." Please direct expressions of interest or questions to me at .

Many thanks.

Seeking commentator for SHAFR panel

Hello, I am seeking a commentator for a panel organized for the 2019 SHAFR conference in Washington D.C., June 20-22. We have three panelists who will present research on aspects of Franco-American relations and comparisons from the late nineteenth century through the Vietnam War era. Please contact me at if you are interested to participate or wish for more information. Many thanks.

Tim Roberts

Professor of History

Western Illinois University

Seeking panelist for SHAFR 2019

We are looking for a final participant for a panel on US conceptions of imperial rivals from the 1860s-80s (we are flexible on the time period). We have two panelists, Alys Beverton (Cardiff University) and me, presenting respectively on Confederate relations with the French in Mexico, and US participation in the Berlin West Africa conference of 1884/5. Jay Sexton will chair and commentate. If interested, please email: 

Seeking co-panelists at SHAFR conference 2019

Hello, I am interested in forming or joining a panel on Franco-American relations or on the Spanish-American-Filipino War of 1898-1904. My interest is in French Algeria's role in Franco-American relations and in American territorial expansion. I wish to give a paper on how American jurists and diplomats drew on French Algeria in determining how to treat U.S. territories gained from Spain in 1898. Please reply to .

Many thanks.

Tim Roberts

Professor of History

Western Illinois University

SHAFR Panelist seeking

I am seeking to join a panel for SHAFR 2019. I am working on a project about POW/MIAs of the Korean War, and my paper is on the U.S.-North Korea talks over the recovery of American soldiers' remains from North Korea in the late1980s and early 1990s.  I could shift my chronological scope a little bit (in both directions).

Here is my email

LIU Zhaokun

PhD Candidate

Department of History, Carnegie Mellon University

Seeking Panelist for SHAFR 2019: Citizen's Tribunals, Truth Commissions, Etc.


I'm looking for 1-2 more individuals who are interested in presenting a paper at the upcoming 2019 SHAFR conference on a topic related to citizen's tribunals, truth commissions, truth and reconciliation, and/or transitional justice during the 20th century.

If interested, please send an email to Cody Foster at as soon as possible (the proposal deadline is December 1). 


Cody J. Foster

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of History

University of Kentucky

SHAFR 2019 Panel: Migration in the Americas

I am a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley organizing a panel that deals with migration in the Americas in the latter half of the twentieth century, for SHAFR's 2019 annual meeting. Papers dealing with exile, refugee stories, asylum policy, and/or the intersection between US foreign policy (including the Cold War and drug wars) and migration are especially welcome. If you're interested in participating or have questions, please contact me at

Miles Culpepper

SHAFR 2019 Panel: National Security State

I am looking to form a panel on how the National Security State developed during the Cold War for SHAFR 2019. My paper is entitled, "Nixon's War: Fighting the Institutional State." It will examine Nixon's attempts to centralize power in the presidency, and reshape the National Security State to maximize (his) presidential prerogatives.


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