Re: Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series: “The End of Separatism”

Many thanks to Emmanuel for hosting this series of discussions/debates. As a contributor, it proved very useful to see what other writers in the field were thinking and the range of topics was extensive. Emmanues and H-Nationalism provided a comfortable forum for debate and while responses were often robust and critical they were always thoughtful and considerate. I enjoyed the experience and hope that it will lead to other similar initiatives.

Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series: “The End of Separatism”

After more than a year and nine exciting posts, our Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series draws to an end. Thanks to our contributors for their valuable insights and to our followers for their attention.

It has been an exciting and stimulating discussion. In the course of the nine posts that have composed our Separatism and Secessionism Monthly Series, we have dealt with a broad range of both theoretical and empirical matters, moving from East to West, from North to South and, above all, learning a great many things.

Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series: “Rethinking Nationalism, Ethnicity and Separatism in African Studies” by Miles Larmer and Baz Lecocq

H-Nationalism is proud to publish here the ninth post of its “Secessionism and Separatism Monthly Series”, which looks at issues of fragmentation, sovereignty, and self-determination in a multi-disciplinary perspective. Today’s contribution, by Miles Larmer (Associate Professor in African History, University of Oxford) and Baz Lecocq (Professor in African History, Humboldt University of Berlin) provides a critical assesment of the existing literature on African nationalism, ethnicity and separatism.

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