Seeking broad secondary source on pre-slavery Africans

Hello, could anyone recommend a short (up to 30 pages) survey of Africans on the eve of slavery? I am teaching an undergraduate class on migration history and have one unit on African slaves. I have a good reading on the changing identity of African slaves once they reached the U.S., but I need a reading on the pre-migration period. Ideally, it would be a reading showing the huge variety of ethnic groups, society types (rural vs urban), gender roles, climates, and so forth, that characterized Africans before they were enslaved. Ok for it to be about West Africa only.

Query: seeking sources for migration-history class

Could anyone suggest primary sources and reliable secondary sources on current anti-immigration sentiment in the U.S.? I'm teaching a history course on migration in world history from the 18th century until the present, and for the last unit, I'd like to do something about the last few years. For instance, an essay analyzing Trump's or Sessions's hostility to undocumented migrants. I'm particularly interested in good pairings of primary and secondary sources. Primary sources could include speeches, visual artifacts, campaign ads, etc.

Ann Taylor Allen, "Woman Suffrage and Progressive Reform in Louisville, 1908-1920," Ohio Valley History 20 (Spring 2020): 54-78.

Author: Ann Taylor Allen

Title: Woman Suffrage and Progressive Reform in Louisville, 1908-1920 

Publication: Ohio Valley History 20 (Spring 2020): 54-78.

N.B. This issue is available for a short time online, free and open via The Filson Historical Society website:

Re: Seeking secondary material for healthcare since 1980

Hi Paul,

The first text that comes to mind as a sort of spiritual sequel, as you put it, is Adele Clarke, et al.'s _Biomedicalization: Technoscience, Health, and Illness in the U.S._ (from Duke UP). It focuses primarily on post-1985 technoscientific changes in biomedicine, which they claim as the second major transformation of American Medicine (a la Starr). It has been a good starting point for me, so I hope it's helpful.

All the best on your project,

Stephen Horrocks

Seeking secondary material for healthcare since 1980

Dear colleagues,

I find myself wandering a bit outside of my chronological comfort zone in my most recent project. In order to fully flesh out my narrative, I need secondary sources regarding developments in healthcare since 1980. Essentially, I am looking for a sort spiritual sequel to Paul Starr's Social Transformation of American Medicine. In addition to this broad literature, anything having to do with the politics of state legislation and Medicare and determining access to patients and who is authorized to offer healthcare services would also be appreciated.

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