The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series: “The ‘Radical Current’: Nationalism and the Radical Left in Scotland, 1967-1979” by Rory Scothorne

H-Nationalism is proud to publish here the seventh post of its “The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series”, which looks at the relationship between nationalism and left-wing movements and thinking in a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Re: Brexit and Scotland

Many thanks to Michael for his detailed response. Those following the blog might be interested in the following article in the Irish Times by Brendan O'Leary, which touches on a number of the themes already discusses in this series:

Re: Brexit and Scotland

Thanks to Ben Wellings and Brian Girvin for these comments. In response to Ben, post-sovereignty is partly a response to new European opportunities. Yet it also has historic roots in a usable past. The same is true in Quebec, Catalonia and the Basque Country. These are places where the sovereignty issue was never fully resolved. The pre-union Scottish Parliament never attained full sovereignty, partly because the ecclesiastical realm escaped state control under the twa kingdomes doctrine.

Re: Brexit and Scotland

Many thanks to Michael Keating for his discussion of the impact of Brexit on Scotland. I wonder what the implications are for the possibility of another referendum on independence in the near future. I was interested by some of the data that appeared after the EU membership referendum. It appears that a significant minority of SNP/independence supporters voted to leave the EU, despite the official policy of ‘independence in Europe’. This also seems to be the case in Wales where many Plaid Cymru voters supported the leave position.

Brexit and Scotland

H-Nationalism is pleased to publish here the third post of its 'Brexit, Nationalism and the Future of Europe' monthly series, which discusses the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union and its impact on nationalism and the future of Europe in a multidisciplinary perspective. Please feel welcome to add to the discussion by posting a reply.


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