Ejected Into Space While Orbiting Parades

Tiff Graham Blog Post

More than sixty plus days ago I ventured into outer space territory. I searched for space themes in parades locating the spaceships, clear helmeted space suits, and alien representatives in real and fictional parades.


Source: https://www.nice.fr/uploads/media/default/0001/16/Carnaval%20de%20Nice%202018.pdf

Having read about the frontiers of planetary exploration in the news, I was intrigued by the vastness of galaxies in the Universe. I would often stare with my lower jaw dropped at NASA’s Hubble telescope imagery of planets, star clusters, and other space objects in observable

The Sci-Fi Airshow

Daniel Fandino Blog Post

Welcome to "It Came From the Internet," our new feature! Each week the intrepid crew of the H-PCAACA will venture boldly into the internet to find interesting and offbeat sites relating to American, world, and popular culture.

From the files of the "what if never-was" our first spotlight is on the Sci-Fi Airshow, a site that purports to be a museum of classic science fiction spacecraft from programs such as Space: 1999, Battlestar Galactica, and Land of the Giants. The site treats the spacecraft featured in its pages as actual air (and space) worthy vehicles constructed for use by their