Trump Administration considers open access order (comment)


Writing on February 10, 2020 in Slate magazine, Mark Neff  argues in an article entitled, "Trump Might Do Something Genuinely Good for Science: It has to do with the outrageous academic publishing market"  that the Trump administration's plan to require that all government-funded research be available through open access is a good idea.  His article includes a summary of the state of the open access debate.  Below is an excerpt and link::

Russian retractions (comment)

Cambridge University Press to offer Open Engage


Cambridge University Press has announced a new open access portal for hosting pre-prints, research discussions, conference proceedings  and similar material before publication.  The site usses the same technology as the Cambridge Core service for materials published by Cambridge.  Registration and access will be free. The first organization to particpate is the American Political Science Association, which will begin on  August 29.  New partner sites and opportunities to submit material to the parent platform will go live in 2020.

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