#AUPresses20 Guest Post: Steps Toward a More Diverse Acquisitions

Liz Murice Alexander is Mellon Editorial Fellow at Northwestern University Press. She was one of the participants of the Mellon University Press Diversity Fellows conversation at the AUPresses 2020 virtual conference, which we previously covered here.

Re: #AUPresses20 What Booksellers Wish University Presses Knew

A Twitter thread with some additional thoughts on how publishers can build bridges with indie booksellers from panelist Andrew Berzanskis of the University of Washington Press:

University presses and indie bookstores need each other to accomplish our respective missions: boosting overlooked voices; elevating what's best and unique about a region; helping drive conversations that lead to social change.

#AUPresses20 What Booksellers Wish University Presses Knew

Friday afternoon three booksellers—Kim Hooyboer of Seattle’s Third Place Books (Seward Park), Jeff Deutsch of Chicago’s Seminary Co-op Bookstores, and David Goldberg of the MIT Press Bookstore—joined with Andrew Berzanskis, senior acquisitions editor at the University of Washington Press, to talk about what university press folks ought to know about the realities of retail book sales.

Copyright, Creative Commons, and Confusion

Robert Harrington,  Associate Executive Director, Publishing at the American Mathematical Society (AMS), writes about the future of copyright and the impact of open access publishing:

" In this article, I want to revisit the history of copyright, steering into Creative Commons Licensing, and weigh the value of protection and reuse in light of an inexorable push towards global openness.  There is value in publishing in an open setting, but do we fully understand how openness will stimulate or hinder creation and expression of ideas? "

#AUPresses20 Mellon University Press Diversity Fellows conversation

The Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship Program, the result of a four-year, $1,205,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, aims to diversify the university press acquisitions pipeline by offering highly competitive fourteen-month apprenticeships in the acquisitions departments of six university presses.

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