Patients as reviewers (comment)


The "Scholarly Kitchen" blog  has posted an interview with three editors of the British Medical Journal.  The interview discusses the initiative by the BMJ to invite caretakers and patients to act as reviewers for research and articles concerning health conditions that they have personally experienced. The BMJ staff concluded that other journals would benefit from following this example.

Below is a link to the interview and an excerpt:

Another scholarly scam (comment)

Friends, The Scholarly Kitchen blog has an article about a new flavor of academic fraud that involves impersonating a journal, sending a forged acceptance letter to an author, charging the hapless author a "fee" for publication and making off with the proceeds. "Paper Accepted…Unless the Letter Was Forged," By ANGELA COCHRAN, for the Scholarly Kitchen, April 18, 2018

AuthorAid (comment)

AuthorAid is a free scholarly network designed to assist researchers in the Global South to find collaborators and mentors.  It was profiled in the Scholarly Kitchen a couple of days ago.  

Below are links to the Scholarly Kitchen article and to the AuthorAid website.  It would be nice to have something similar for independent scholars everywhere!

Andy Nobes, March 19, 2018 Guest Post: "New Platform Facilitates International Research Collaboration to Help Solve our Biggest Global Challenges"


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