Plan S generates protests from scientists (comment)


Below is a link to an article that appeared in Science magazine online this week concerning a letter signed by a large number of scientists objecting to the proposal known as Plan S or cOAlition S that would require recipients of funding from particpating governments and foundations to publish only in open access journals.

Column on Peer Review (comment)


Below is a comment about the peer review system by aaron e. Carroll that appeared in the "Upshot" section of the New York Times this week.  Carroll discusses many of the problems currently plaguing peer review and makes suggestions for making it more equitable and effective.

"Peer Review: The Worst Way to Judge Research, Except for All the Others"



Study finds "Big Deal" not such a good deal (comment)


This link comes to you courtesy of H-Histbibl:

Fei Shu, Philippe Mongeon, Stefanie Haustein, Kyle Siler, Juan Pablo Alperin, & Vincent Larivière. "Is It Such a Big Deal? On the Cost of Journal Use in the Digital Era." College & Research Libraries 79 no. 6 (2018): 785-798. doi:


Paywall and Open Access

An associate Professor at Clarkson University, Jason Schmitt, has posted a blog post entitled "Paywall: Why For-Profit Academic Publishers Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank."

The blog discusses a documentary he has made with the same title.  Below is a quotation from the blog post and a link to the post.

Greater Transparency in Peer Review Standards and Practices –A Report on Work in Progress

An interesting post by Mark Edington, "founding director of the Amherst College Press and the publisher of Lever Press, two initiatives to build a pathway for peer-reviewed, digitally native scholarship from a liberal arts perspective through a platinum open access model."


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