Workshop - Emotions in the Public Spaces of Post-Soviet Russia - 1 October 2018 (program included)

Venue : 56 rue Jacob - Salle des conférences - 75006 Paris

In the past decades, the epistemological and methodological focus on emotions as a crucial element of social and political life, known as the "emotional turn" in the social sciences and humanities, has emerged as a dominant prism of analysis. This workshop seeks to bring this emotional turn into the study of post-Soviet Russian space.

Member book, Sablin, Ivan, The Rise and Fall of Russia's Far Eastern Republic, 1905–1922: Nationalisms, Imperialisms, and Regionalisms in and after the Russian Empire

Routledge has recently published my book in which I continue to explore the connections between Asian (Inner and East Asian) and Russian history. In my new book, I trace the emergance of the Far Eastern Republic - a post-imperial state on the territory of the former Russian Empire which had the Russians, Koreans, Buryat-Mongols, Ukrainians, Tatars, and Jews as its constituent nations - in 1920-1921 and its unification with Soviet Russia a year later. 


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