Announcing the H-Diplo/Robert Jervis International Security Studies Forum (RJISSF)

For the past fourteen years, in partnership with H-Diplo, the International Security Studies Forum (ISSF) has published hundreds of open-access reviews, essays, policy forums, and commentaries, offering a connecting point for academics and policy experts across the globe to discuss the most important new publications as well as world events.

Re: H-Diplo Essay 198- Robert Jervis on Learning the Scholar's Craft

Comment in response to Kristie Macrakis's review of Kevin P. Riehle. “Early Cold War evolution of British and US defector policy and practice,”

Professor Jervis said that during the Vietnam War, the question of the morality of the war looked “complicated,” to him, and he does not say that he came up with a clear answer to that complicated question. To me the question also looked complicated, but the answer still seemed relatively simple.

Neutralization as a possible solution for Vietnam in Robert Jervis's essay on Learning the Scholar's Craft

In his recent essay, "How I Got Here," Professor Jervis suggested that during the Vietnam War, there were opponents of the war who believed that “the marvelous solution of neutralization was available.” I have no clear memory of what I thought on the question of neutralization at that time, but what I now believe is: The main problem with the proposal of neutralization as a solution for Vietnam was not so much that the solution was unattainable as that the proposal was usually presented in a form so vague as to be essentially meaningless.

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