Haitian History Journal: Haiti and the Atlantic World/Revue d'histoire d'Haïti: Haïti et le Monde Atlantique

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The Haitian History Journal: Haiti and the Atlantic World, published by the Centre International d'Information et de Documentation Haïtienne, Caraïbéenne et Afro-Canadienne (CIDIHCA) in Montreal, is devoted to the history of Haiti and the impact of Haiti`s history throughout the Atlantic region. It will be published once a year.

CFP: Convivium. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Polen. Schwerpunkt 2018: Revolutionen (30.11.2018)

CfP: CONVIVIUM. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Polen. Thematischer Schwerpunkt 2018: REVOLUTIONEN

(Abgabetermin für Beiträge: 30.11.2018)

Auf das Jahr 2018 fallen zwei Revolutionsjubiläen: der 170. Jahrestag der europäischen Re­volution von 1848/49 und der 100. Jahrestag der deutschen Revolution vom November 1918. Auch die Studentenbewegung von 1968 jährt sich zum 50. Mal. Diese Tatsache nimmt Convivium zum Anlass, um zu Reflexionen über das Thema „Revolution“ aus germanistischer Perspektive einzuladen.

Announcement of New Book Series in Intercultural Transfer Studies with Anthem Press

We invite authors from the humanities and social sciences to submit book proposals and manuscripts for our new book series in Intercultural Transfer Studies. We seek manuscripts that highlight the interconnected nature of the modern world since the fifteenth century. Book proposals and manuscripts should focus on the processes of intercultural contacts and transfers that shaped human societies and cultures. The intercultural transfer paradigm allows us to study phenomena within the space these phenomena created, and which cuts across national spaces.

ANN: "1917: Revolution, Radicalism, and Resistance in the Atlantic World"

The Transatlantic History Student Organization at the University of Texas at Arlington is proud to announce the 18th Annual International Graduate Student Conference on Transatlantic History 1917: Revolution, Radicalism, and Resistance in the Atlantic World. The conference will be held at the University Center of The University of Texas at Arlington on October 19-21, 20017.  Our keynote presenters are Dr. Julia Michenberg and Dr. Eric McDuffie.

Early American Seminars at Ohio State, 2017-2018

This year the Ohio Seminar will be offering seminars in its traditional format, and in association with the Modern American Program and the Center for Historical Research Program in “Revolutions.”   We welcome all faculty and students with an interest in early American studies, and also in the broader interest in wider comparative topics that this working group is developing.   Graduate students in Early American History are strongly urged to attend.


Joint Early and Modern American Seminar:

Sept. 1: Staunton Lynd, Attorney, Independent Scholar


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