The Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival

New York, NY: From February 28 — March 1, 2020, the Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival will explore the role of music in contemporary Ukrainian culture and politics through lively conversation and performance. Hosted by the Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, Hunter College, and the Ukrainian Museum, the Festival will provide space to both hear today's most exciting Ukrainian new music and to contextualize its place within a broader scope of history and society.

H-Diplo Review Essay 192 on Lawson. Anatomies of Revolution

H-Diplo Review Essay 192

14 February 2020

George Lawson. Anatomies of Revolution.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. ISBN: 9781108482684 (hardback, $74.99); 9781108710855 (paperback, $25.99).
Review Editor: Diane Labrosse | Production Editor: George Fujii

CFP: War and Peace: Decolonization, Revolution, Counter-Revolution, War and Post-War in the Turbulent Contemporary Age International Conference (Cordoba, 17 September 2020)

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Call for Papers
September 17, 2020

J Daniel Elam: "Anticolonial Hong Kong? Reflections on Revolutions of our Times", UCL, 5pm, 15 January 2020

J Daniel Elam (Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature, Hong Kong University) will be speaking about the Hong Kong protests in historical and comparative perspective in the Common Ground at the IAS, University College London, at 5pm on 15 January 2020.


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