Happy New Year

Carlotta Falzone Robinson Blog Post

Happy New Year from the H-Grad editorial staff!

Along with resolutions to eat healthier, sleep more, and exercise regularly, many of us are also making a vow to read and write more effectively, become better teachers, and pursue new opportunities, such as conferences and academic journal submissions. H-Grad’s site is continually growing, with ideas to help you begin, and follow through on, your resolutions throughout the year.

Our Resources page offers many links to articles, blogs and tools to help you achieve these goals. Following through with our own New Year’s resolution, we have added a Fu

Introducing H-Grad Resources

Kara Hisatake Blog Post

Introducing: H-Grad Resources


(H-Net is receiving no compensation for reviewing the tools and platforms featured in the blogpost below).


As editors of H-Grad, we have spent the past year thinking about how to make this page more relevant and useful for our subscribers. In the process, we asked ourselves: What resources would we, as graduate students, find most useful? How can we help our readers navigate the often challenging course of graduate education?


We are excited to announce a new feature of H-Grad--a curated list of resources--tested and utilized by us. We are a cohort of graduate

Why I'm creating "Parade Talk" Blog

Tiff Graham Blog Post

WHY? laugh

I love a parade and documenting it is a multi-tasking, quick thinking, exciting adventure. In this blog I will describe techniques, articles, book chapters, and personal fieldwork documenting parades, processions, and marches too. I welcome other people’s advice and comments regarding the subject. So many of us have captured those ephemeral moments on camera. Many of us have written about them. I’m not the only one with the passion and experience in documenting these types of festive events and that is why I don’t claim to be the expert. Yet, I have resources, knowledge, and experience

Reading List Blog

Kent Peacock Blog Post

The editors of H-Grad are making some changes to our blogs!

First, to add clarity to the purpose of each of our blogs and more resources for subscribers to H-Grad, we created a new blog called "Reading Lists." This blog will contain sample reading lists for a variety of fields to help graduate students prepare for their comprehensive exams, historigraphical essays, or research projects. Existing reading lists posted under the "Resource Blog" will be relabeled as posts in this new "Reading Lists" blog.

Second, the "Resource Blog" will continue, but focus on specific resources (like software or

Kentucky in the News: Energy Resources

Kentucky Geographic Alliance Blog Post

Coal is a major resource in Kentucky and has been used for over 250 years.  Coal mining production (see map above) has decreased in parts of both the eastern and western coal fields of Kentucky over the past year. Of the counties that decreased, Harlan County saw the largest change in tonnage produced, a decrease of 2,443,634 tons, while Elliot County saw the largest percentage increase of 1,837% from 2012 (Kentucky Coal Facts).  This geographic issue highlights economic, historic, political, environmental, and cultural variability over space and time.

See the map of Kentucky Coal Production in