Tomorrow - Ukrainathon 2023: Spotlighting Ukraine's resilience through scholarship, activism, and art (IERES at George Washington University)

The Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, through PONARS Eurasia and the Petrach Program on Ukraine, invites you to join us for Ukrainathon, a virtual, 24-hour fundraising event recognizing one year since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and keeping momentum in support of Ukraine high.

The 24 hours of continuous programming includes speakers such as:

Invitation: IPSA World Congress Panel Submissions

The Deadline for Abstracts for the IPSA World Congress in Buenos Aires, 15-19 July, 2023 is only one month away

We invite interested presenters to submit a proposal to the following panel:

Fit for Emergency? Care, social protection and the meanings of resilience in times of crisis


Re: Webinar: Ecological Grief: Loss, Mourning, and Imagining Alternative Futures

Greetings, just a FYI that there are two terms that seem to be used interchangeably although you will see that they are indeed different. Environmental grief is defined as the grief reaction stemming from the environmental loss of ecosystems caused by natural or human-made events. Ecological grief is the grief reaction stemming from the disconnection, and relational loss, from our natural world. I coined both these terms decades ago.

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