Query: Scholarly interest in a pre-war Bible commentary

I am currently working on deciphering a manuscript - a Bible commentary - written by Rabbi Bencian Grjnhaus, a maskil who lived in Ilya (near Minsk) before World War II. The manuscript has a number of approbations in one of its opening pages, including one from Joseph Regensburg, director of the Gymnasia HaIvrit in Vilna.

I would be interested in knowing whether anyone has more information about the author and whether Jewish studies scholars might be interested in seeing this work.

Re: Research Query: House or institution that takes generations to build can be destroyed in very little time

For the question of Tim Brown: Which sacred Jewish text, if any, speaks of how a house or institution that takes generations to build can be destroyed in very little time. Might the metaphor come from a Jewish proverb? -

Re: Research Query: P. Anhalt

For the inquiry of Prof. Paula Eisenstein Baker regarding P. Anhalt –
And her question whether “P. Anhalt” is a name of a person at all –

It seems obvious that it is a name of a person, who wrote the melody of many Hebrew Zionist and Jewish songs. His full name was Pinchas Anhalt. An impressing list of his songs is to be found in this link in the National Library in Israel:

Research Query: P. Anhalt

Does anyone recognize the name "P. Anhalt"? A short piece of what seems to be liturgical music (the text begins "Shmor Yisrael") appears in at least two different collections with that name attached:

1) "Shirei Eretz Yisrael" (the 1935 volume published in Berlin).

2) "Songs of My People" (compiled and edited by Harry Coopersmith, published by Chicago Anshe Emet Synagogue, 1937).

Sea Captains, Record Keeping, and Trust - John Foye

Hello.  I am writing an article about Sea Captains, Record Keeping, and Trust, which examines the seventeenth-century captain John Foye as a case study.  The basis for my case study is Foye's logbook at NEHGS, and I am aware that both John Hull and Samuel Sewall mention him in their letterbooks.  If anyone knows of any other references to Foye, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share them.  I would also appreciate references to any relevant secondary literature related to sea captains, record keeping, and trust.

Jennifer Egloff

Re: Research Query: Two paintings listed as Viktor Ivanovich Ivanov (b. 1924) with label reading М.В. Иванов

A suggestion from Matthew Bown via Facebook:

IVANOV, Mikhail (Makhil) Vsevolodovich. Born in Detskoe Selo, Leningrad region, 1927. Studied at Moscow Intermediate Art School 1943-46; Moscow Art Institute/Surikov Institute 1946-52. Active in Moscow. Began exhibiting 1952? Member of Group of Eight. Specialised in urban landscapes. Nonconformist artist 1960s-80s.


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