2021 Low Carbon Methods & Media Lecture Series

I’m pleased to announce the 2021 Low Carbon Methods & Media Lecture Series, a set of discussions for the coming semester exploring how climate change not only stands to alter what we study, but also how we do so.

Through short and conversational exchanges, the series will explore the prospects for more climate-safe research methods and media practices in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as well as the practical barriers and social and aesthetic norms challenged thereby.

Re: November Question of the Month

This resource isn't free unless you can get it through your university, but I've found Newspapers.com to be absolutely indispensable during quarantine. It gives you access to tons of newspapers--many more than Chronicling America, which is free--and has a very good word search function.

I would also second Jean's suggestion of finding and emailing other scholars who study what you study. I imagine that many of us have scanned copies of various manuscripts and collections just sitting on our hard drives that we'd be happy to share.

Re: November Question of the Month

Confession: I have not done any new research since last March. Fortunately, I had done enough previously that I can still be working (a little) on papers and articles. The paper that I had been working on for a conference last March (that was canceled) can still be used at that conference when we meet again. I am finishing up a paper for a virtual conference early next year. I have done nothing on two new planned articles because the sources I need for those are not digitized.

Call for Submissions: Student Showcase, Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal

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Call for Papers
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