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Dear colleagues,

a very bright undergraduate student who is a studio art major wants to to a research project on the ways in which contemporary Western (visual) artists have been inspired by Buddhism (Buddhist art, philosophy, meditation...). This is so not my field, but I find the question interesting. If any references come to mind that could help her, I'd appreciate if you could send them my way. Respond off-list if you think that this is too basic a question for H-Buddhism: of@austin.utexas.edu.

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Re: Query: Urdu literature on natural disasters?

Dear Dan,

There is one nazm by Nazir Akbarabadi, called Bhuchal Nama, describing the earthquake in Agra during early 19th c. He has also written on other natural occurrence such as Aandhi (Hurricane).

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Sanjay Garg


Childhood-Related Source Materials: Library Building Project

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I am looking for primary source materials related to childhood studies in order to build a resource library for graduate students and instructors.

My name is Emily Slomski. I am a second year graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the advisement of Dr. Will Thomas.

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