What Makes A Text Jewish? Literature and History in the Postmodern

In the aftermath of Leslie Morris's brilliant 2018 work, The Translated Jew, I am interested in the question of what makes a text Jewish in the current era.  Marked by the transnational and the transcultural, in the grip of an ever-expanding global diaspora in which issues of exile, memory, identity, and representation abound, how do our texts reflect Jewishness in the now? How do we access history, what role does story play, and how does story interface with identity?  In short, how do we now parse the relationship between literature and history?

Symposium announcement: "Japan: Literary and cultural representations in communist Europe", Oct.22-23, 15:30-20:00 JST @Zoom

Dear colleagues,
You are cordially invited to the symposium "Japan: Literary and cultural representations in communist Europe," which will take place on Zoom on October 22-23, 15:30-20:00 JST.
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