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What a great story! I'm more familiar with the Cumberland County Archives in Carlisle, which also has these kinds of 18th and 19th century narrative gems that extend from the rich and powerful to the penniless and largely forgotten. It's great to hear of the wonderful work done every day by public historians throughout the Commonwealth.

Chester County Archives

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On January 24, 1737 Joseph Parker petitioned the Commissioners of the County of Chester expressing his concern for the safety of the public record.  The newly erected court house being ill-suited to store these valuable records,

It is apparent to Every Person that will make use of his Eyes that the Doors are

most commonly  Left open for Horses and cattle to go in and out at Pleasure

the Furniture broke and Exceedingly Diminished and the place made a comon

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Beyond the Founding: Introducing the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Repositories

You may know of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) as the keeper of such national treasures as the first draft of the United States Constitution, an original printer’s proof of the Declaration of Independence, and many other such venerable documents.

But did you know that HSP is also a chief center for the documentation and study of ethnic communities and immigrant experiences in the 20th-century? Or that we are one of the largest family history libraries in the nation?

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