"How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse?"

Hi. I'm publishing a book with Cambridge University Press, and I'd like to obtain images from the 1950 publication, "How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse," to use in the book Post-WWII chapter. This pamphlet was published by the National Council on American Education (Allen Zoll). I cannot find it. Does anyone know where these booklets might be located? I've checked all of my university databases without luck. I've also checked with the University of Arkansas' library where Zoll's papers are located.

Re: "How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse?"

Here are some suggestions
First, check out all Anti-Defamation League archives that you can find. Zoll was associated with t Coughlin's pro Nazi and rabidly anti- Semitic Christian Front in the 1930s. Later in the 1960s he was associated with his fellow millionaire WillIs Carto's Liberty Lobby which sought to fund and keep alive Nazi fascist ideology on the the far right and later fund Holocaust denial "research." The ADL was most involved in monitoring individuals like
Zoll and the groups he associated with and helped to fund


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