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Dear H-Slavery Subscribers, 

Especially in light of the recent protests over racist attacks against African Americans, H-Slavery would like to expand its all-volunteer editorial team to deepen its coverage of issues of racial inequality and social justice in the post-emancipation United States and/or in transatlantic context. We'd welcome scholars focused on massive resistance, reparations, the Jim Crow era, segregation and desegregation, the civil rights movement, and related topics. Below, we identify some possible editorial positions and outline a brief application process. 


Call for Editors

Join Us & Help Us Build Our Network!

At H-Food-Studies we are currently seeking a volunteer editor to join our network: 

•          blog editor 

•          bibliography

•          food culture/industry

•          books and journal reviews 

•          podcasts

Re: Call for New H-Slavery Editors!

Dear Subscribers,

Just a quick reminder that H-Slavery is recruiting additional editors.

We are currently interested in recruiting additional Review Editors as well as scholars to oversee collaborative projects with conferences or provide topical updates on emerging trends and issues in the literature, public discussions, and academic professions.

The deadline to apply to serve in one of these capacities is Sunday, March 15th. 

Join us: Become an H-Pennsylvania editor / discussion moderator!

Join our Crew!  Volunteer with H-Pennsylvania!

H-Pennsylvania is eager to collaborate with scholars in our field of study. If you haven't done so, please take time to acquaint yourself with our various activities. We are run by an all-volunteer academic editorial team that offers flexible scheduling and opportunities to work collaboratively with people in your field and to design and develop academic projects.

Re: H-Canada Recruitment Call

This is just a friendly reminder that H-Canada is accepting applications for two volunteer positions: Book Review Editor and Announcements Specialist until January 15th, 2020!
If interested in volunteering, please send me (editorial-canada@mail.h-net.org): 1) 200 words about your expertise, how you envision contributing, and a pragmatic assessment of your availability; and 2) a current C.V. Please also be prepared to provide a reference upon request.

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