H-Asia in 2023: Join our crew!

H-Asia seeks to expand the team of volunteers to serve as editors for the network to manage H-Asia and develop new projects. Projects could include an annotated archive of syllabi, teaching guides, and reading lists for this field (and subfields as desired), a dynamic link database for access to primary sources; an annotated archive of images suitable for use in class, guides to podcasts, curating conference reports, and/or developing H-Asia's social media profile. Other project suggestions are very welcome.

Yelena Kalinsky Departure

It is sad news in that I am to report that Yelena Kalinsky will be leaving H-Net and H-Podcast in the coming weeks. Yelena and I started H-Podcast years ago in an attempt the elevate the academic dialog of podcasts and podcasting when there seemed to be no one in the academy embracing that important conversation. Yelena and I imagined that digital space at H-Net which included a Podcast Reviews Program which we have been able to realize.

H-Texas is Recruiting Editors! Volunteer TODAY!

Dear Subscribers, H-Texas is recruiting a new editorial team. H-Texas is run by an all-volunteer academic editorial person/team that offers flexible scheduling and opportunities to work collaboratively with people in your field and to design and develop academic projects. Volunteers can apply for one and/or both positions.

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