The Concept of a Third Reconstruction

David Prior Blog Post

In this post for the blog, David Prior explores recent rhetoric about the promise of a “Third Reconstruction” and the lineage of historical analogies to the first.

In the past few years, there has been a flurry of commentary on the prospect of a “Third Reconstruction” in the United States. Understood as a mass movement, a legislative-administrative agenda, or a combination of the two, the Third Reconstruction promises to confront racism, especially in policing, the criminal justice system, election law, and the economy. This post provides some historical context for the concept and puts a

Reconstruction and the Electoral College

A. James Fuller Blog Post

H-CivWar is pleased to offer this guest post to the Authors’ Blog from Dr. A. James Fuller of the University of Indianapolis on Senator Oliver P. Morton (R-IN) and his plans to reform the electoral college.

Reconstruction and the Electoral College

by A. James Fuller, Ph.D.

Professor of History, University of Indianapolis

            A Republican Senator proposed a plan to reform the electoral college and change the way that presidential elections occurred in the United States. Although he said that he favored abolishing the electoral college and moving to the direct, popular election of the

Reconstruction and American Imperialism

David Prior Blog Post

In this post, David Prior of the University of New Mexico addresses some questions embedded in a volume of essays he is editing on Reconstruction and American imperialism for Fordham University Press.

Through Fordham University Press’s excellent “Reconstructing America” series, I’ve been working on an edited volume focused on two historical moments: the one emerging in the mid-1860s from abolition and Union victory and the other centered on the turn-of-the-century rise of the United States as an international power. The eleven contributors to Reconstruction and Empire (expected 2021) dive into

The Complex History of Reconstruction as a Concept

David Prior Blog Post

In this post for the blog, David Prior of the University of New Mexico unpacks some of the questions hanging over his research project on the concept of Reconstruction.

Thank you to Lois and Hugh for kicking us off, I’ve really enjoyed reading and discussing the first two posts. Since I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Niels a few weeks back, I’ll introduce myself briefly. Having recently finished my first book, Between Freedom and Progress (LSU, 2019) and an edited volume, Reconstruction in a Globalizing World (Fordham, 2018), I’m currently working on wrapping up a second edited volume,