Reconstruction and American Imperialism

David Prior Blog Post

In this post, David Prior of the University of New Mexico addresses some questions embedded in a volume of essays he is editing on Reconstruction and American imperialism for Fordham University Press.

Through Fordham University Press’s excellent “Reconstructing America” series, I’ve been working on an edited volume focused on two historical moments: the one emerging in the mid-1860s from abolition and Union victory and the other centered on the turn-of-the-century rise of the United States as an international power. The eleven contributors to Reconstruction and Empire (expected 2021) dive into

To begin H-CivWar's new author's blog, in which contributors will document our triumphs and tribulations as we work on our current book projects, public humanities scholar Dr. Lois Leveen introduces us to her work documenting the life of the elusive African America Civil War spy most often (erroneously) referred to as Mary Bowser.

How does one begin to describe a project you've been working on for years, and will be for many more? How about this:

My Civil War project is so exciting! 

I have been quoted in the Washington Post!

No, the "reporter" did not actually interview me! He merely pulled a

Interest Convergence: A Revolutionary Theory for Athletic Reform

Shawn Leigh Alexander Blog Post

Interest Convergence: A Revolutionary Theory for Athletic Reform

Billy Hawkins, PhD - University of Georigia

Author of The New Plantation: Black Athletes, College Sports and Predominately White NCAA Institutions

The structural arrangement of the intercollegiate athletic system at the NCAA Division FBS level, in relations to Black male athletes in revenue generating specifically, has been classified as a plantation system. Similarities in the plantation system and the intercollegiate athletic system are: economic exploitation, social and cultural suppression, institutional racism, and political