Discourses of National Identity - Angola

When I was looking at The question of national identity in Equatorial Guinea for my thesis some years ago, I saw the costruction of a sense of national identity rather like the creation of a collage or assemblage where various discourses of national identity particular to that African nation were gathered together to form a unique sense of national identity. For Equatorial Guinea I saw these themes as: The Hispanic Identity, Bantu Unity, Bonding in adversity (during/after the tyrant Macias Nguema) and the contributions of the large Equatoguinean diaspora.

QUERY - Moses and Arthurian Sword in the Stone Legend

I believe the Tanna debe Elazar reports that Jethro acquired a staff (previously owned by, inter alia, Nimrod and Pharoah) and somehow inserted it into a stone, vowing to give his daughter in marriage to the person able to draw the staff from the stone.  Moses did it.  Can anyone point me to a work that discusses whether the Jethro story is a source for the Arthurian legend?

Re: The Future of the History Major

Great piece. Hard to gainsay. Thanks very much for posting it, Larry Grant. The decline of history is the fault of historians, no one else. As soon as we recognize this truth, the sooner we can fix the problem. The solution is simple, as the two distinguished authors of this piece suggest. We need to start teaching history that matters again. With that very thought in mind, a few years ago I started teaching--

Re: The Future of the History Major

As our university makes the transition from a liberal arts institution to a vocational school (not what the Uni President says is happening – but that is what it is), one thing that has helped keep major numbers somewhat stable is having a “large plan” major and a “small plan” major. The small plan major requires students have another major or a minor while the large plan makes no such requirement. The small plan is still bigger than a minor.


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