Podcast: Resources exploitation and nature protection in the border lands of Qing China

Episoe 82 of the Exploring Environmental History Podcast has been released and explores the exploitation of natural resources such as fur, mushrooms, pearls and timber in China’s expanding imperial frontiers in the 18th and 19th centuries. It discusses how Qing rulers responded to declining resources and negative environmental impacts. In addition the podcast considers if it is possible to compare “western” environmental history with Chinese environmental history or whether we need to think outside a Western paradigm.

Seeking Panelists for Muslims in Pre-Modern China Panel Session, AAR's Annual Meeting (Denver, November 17-20, 2018)

I am putting together a panel on Islam in pre-Modern China for next year’s American Academy of Religion (Chinese Religions Unit) annual meeting (Denver, November 17-20) and am looking to add two/three additional presenters.

I am planning to present a paper addressing to what extent were the distinct cultural and religious practices of Muslims were considered to pose social and cultural threats to the Qing society by primarily analyzing Jin Tianzhu’s 金天住 (1736-1795) Qingzheng Shiyi 清真释疑 (Dispelling the Doubts about Islam).


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