Aftermath Series on Puerto Rico after Maria Launches

My podcast is Change Over Time, a story-based podcast where I think historically about things I geek. This year I'm launching Aftermath, a multi-part look at Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria through the lens of my family. In these first two episodes I highlight a conversation with my mother, Doña Edna Garcia. My mother discusses the aftermath of the storm but most of the conversation is about the political situation on the island, the rise of a sense of nacionalismo, the relationship of the US and Puerto Rico, plebiscites, and a bit of history on the Puerto Rican flag.

Change Over Time

As the library asks, "What do you geek?" I geek science fiction, fantasy, the outdoors, critical race theory, politics, organizing, among other things. Mostly, I geek history. So I've tied all that together into one podcast. 

BLOG: Decisions more than a century ago explain why the U.S. has failed Puerto Rico in its time of need [Imperial & Global Forum]

“The Ill-Fated Sister:—A Case of Unjust Discrimination.” A forlorn female Puerto Rico looks on as President McKinley rides past, carrying a well-dressed female Hawaii and Uncle Sam on a buggy labeled “Free Trade.” Puck 47 (April 25, 1900).

IMPERIAL ISLANDS: CFP for an edited volume on Art, Architecture, and U.S. imperialism in the Caribbean and Pacific

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Call for Publications
January 20, 2018 to March 20, 2018

CFP: 2017 UT Africa Conference: "Rupturing Colonial Legacies"

Of possible interest to scholars of Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, and African Diaspora studies in Latin America - Please Circulate Widely 

CFP: 17th Annual Africa Conference at UT Austin (Abstract deadline: 11/15/2017


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