Historical Perspectives on Scholarly Communications: Tamizdat Then and Now

In this series of historical perspectives on scholarly communications, we engage with literary scholars, historians, and others who think about publishing and scholarly communications in other times and places, under different political and economic conditions, and through various technological media of print and distribution.

Publishing During a Pandemic: A Roundtable Discussion with Leading Publishers on the Latest Developments in Academic Publication

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many publishers to change their workflow to publish relevant research faster and in a more accessible way. Join us to hear Katie Stileman, Princeton University Press; Duncan Nicholas, President of EASE; and Michael Willis from Wiley discuss what the pandemic has meant thus far for the world of publishing.

Among the topics we will discuss:

"Real talk" about independent scholarship

Author and editor Audra Wolf offers some sobering conclusions about life as an independent scholar/publishing professional in her article "Real Talk" from her newsletter "Never Just Science".  This link is courtesy of the H-Net "Feeding the Elephant" roundup.

She writes, " I do know that a lot of people are facing hard choices. It’s not sustainable to pretend that people with PhDs can somehow keep the profession humming along without any institutional support "

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