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I'm looking for suggestions on where I might look to publish some new data about Americans' views on, and uses of, TV and film as sources of history. The findings were collected as part of a nationwide survey I co-directed with the American Historical Association on the public's broader views about the past. We published our report (see AHA website), but a lot of information about the public's attitudes toward and uses of film didn't make it into that final report.

EVENT: Moving Beyond the Monograph- New and Creative Models of Academic Publication Every Scholar of Humanities Should Know About

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March 17, 2021

Nemoy Publication Fund

The Program in Judaic Studies of Yale University invites applications for support of publication of texts and studies in Judeo-Arabic Literature of the Karaite Sect. Applications, consisting of the author’s CV, a brief statement of the project, and consisting of the author’s CV, a brief statement of the project, and a budget for printing costs, preferably with a letter of commitment from a publisher, should be submitted to:
Binah Nemoy Publication Committee
ATTN: Steven D. Fraade
Program in Judaic Studies
PO Box 208282

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