Assoc of National Park Rangers - Ranger Rendezvous 41, Nov 7-11, 2018, Bowling Green, KY

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Ranger Rendezvous 41: Exploring New Depths

November 7-11, 2018  
Holiday Inn University Plaza
Bowling Green, Kentucky

The 41st Ranger Rendezvous will have opportunities to learn about field work in the National Park Service, current conservation issues, and for conversation with rangers from across the United States.

The Public Archive: Woven Into History

"Millions of tweets and millions of state documents. Intimate oral histories and international radio addresses. Ancient pottery and yesterday’s memes. Historians have access to this immense store of online material for doing research, but what else can we do with it? In Spring 2018, graduate students in the Public and Digital History Seminar at UT Austin experimented with ways to make interesting archival materials available and useful to the public; to anyone with access to a computer."


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