A New Digital Teaching Tool Examines American Democracy during the Second World War

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has introduced a new digital teaching tool for the college classroom: Experiencing History offers students and teachers an innovative platform for accessing original materials on a wide variety of themes of topics. As part of a broader effort to examine American responses to the Holocaust, we've recently created two source collections dealing with issues central to American democracy in the 1930s and 1940s.

CFP: Sites of Contest: Cold War Cultural Diplomacy and the Global South

Culture has served as a “weapon of the struggle” during the Cold War. It played a central role in leftist literary circles, socialist realist poetry and muralism, as well as in the CIA-backed Congress for Cultural Freedom, whose artist groups embraced Abstract Expressionism and modernist poetry.

Member publication: Book chapter: Fiskesjö: Who’s Afraid of Confucius?

About Confucius Institutes, I have a new contribution coming out: 

Fiskesjö, Magnus. Who’s Afraid of Confucius? Fear, Encompassment, and the Global Debates over the Confucius Institutes.

Chapter in: Yellow Perils: China Narratives in the Contemporary World, ed. Franck Billé and Sören Urbansky. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2018, 280pp. ISBN: 9780824875794. 

My chapter is on pp. 221-245. 


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