Postdoc Fellowships: UCL Postsocialist Art Centre / Socialist Anthropocene (Deadline 05 Feb)

Applicants are sought for research positions in the Environmental History of Socialism and the History of Socialist Science at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) within the framework of The Socialist Anthropocene in the Visual Arts (SAVA), a project funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee.

How Eastern Europe got the Idea of Contemporary Art? // Webinar

How did contemporary art and the postsocialist transition come together? How did artistic trends relate to the political-economic transformations in the Eastern Bloc? This webinar aims to answer these questions by placing Octavian Esanu’s new volume, The postsocialist contemporary, into the focus. By discussing Esanu’s account of the role of the Soros Centers for Contemporary Art, which mushroomed in the ex-socialist countries throughout the 1990s, the webinar offers not only a historical but also a critical angle to the ideological, economic, and artist transfigurations of postsocialism.

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