Re: Periodicals and book post in the British Empire

Hi David,

For information on the cost of sending books abroad I would begin with the British Postal Guides for the years you are interested in. Some of them also have estimated duration of arrival, but as far as I know these are for letters and parcels. I have managed to find some available copies online, and would be glad to forward the relevant ones on to you, if you like. Just drop me a line :

Good luck with the rest!

Periodicals and book post in the British Empire

Following Tamar's question and your helpful answers, I have a question which has come up in my research on the history of a legal journal printed in London from 1894 to 1951, and distributed around the world (and particularly in the British Empire):

How did book post from Britain to the Empire and beyond work? More specifically:

1) Was book post as fast as regular letter post? Postal histories talk about the time it took for letters to get from Britain to India, for instance. Would copies of a journal have travelled have quickly?

Junk Mail, Generic Papers, and Real Estate News: The Unread Media of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Chair and Commentator: Richard John, Columbia University

Property and the Black Press in Jim Crow America
Cara Caddoo, Indiana University

Augusta, Maine, Mail-Order Magazines, and the Political Economy of Junk in Gilded Age America 
Richard Popp, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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Julia Guarneri, University of Cambridge

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