The Façade of Western Democratization through the Spectrum of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests: From Volonte Generale to Volonte de l’Elite

The Conflict Anatomy

In the aftermath of British colonialism, the governance of Hong Kong was handed over to the Chinese in 1997 under the ‘One Country, Two Systems arrangement’, with the intention that Hong Kong will maintain its political semi-autonomy for at least half a century. Such an arrangement, following the bane of every post-colony hitherto under the British and French invasion, was bedeviled, ab initio, with future implosions from the inherited structural divide and rule mechanism.

CFP: Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s (Dublin, 2-4 Apr 2020)

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[Note on relevance to SHERA members: L'internationale network includes the Modena Galerija (MG+museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia) and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland). Possible themes include "Artistic responses to the commodification of the body, of space and of arts institutions in the aftermath of communist rule..."]

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