Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge - Champion of Peace and Nonviolence

Randolph Hollingsworth (she/her) Blog Post

The National Women's History Project recently called for nominations for 2019 honorees for "Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence."  I submitted a nomination for Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, originally from Lexington, Kentucky, with the following information:

Sophonisba “Nisba” Preston Breckinridge

November 30, 1865 – November 30, 1947

Public intellectual, diplomat, suffragist, scholar, co-founder of the Woman’s Peace Party

In 2-3 sentences explain the nature of your nominee’s work and accomplishments:

A great scholar, Sophonisba P. Breckinridge earned a Ph.D. in political

The Politics of Islamic Law

Nurfadzilah Yahaya Blog Post

Welcome to Toronto to those of you at our annual ASLH meeting! Our blogger today is Iza Hussin, Lecturer in Asian Politics and Mohamed Noah Fellow at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. Her new book, The Politics of Islamic Law: Local Elites, Colonial Authority and the Making of the Muslim State was published by University of Chicago Press earlier this year. Her profile can be found here.



In his book The Impossible State: Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament published in 2013, Wael Hallaq argues that “(t)he political, legal, and cultural struggles of today’s Muslims stem from a

I’ve been looking through the ol’ H-AMSTDY logs for something timely to discuss. I found surprisingly little about The Pope and even less about Donald Trump. I was beginning to feel rather down about the whole enterprise until I stumbled across rich vein discussions about elections. Or rather, I found rich vein of discussions about a lack of discussions about elections. If no one is currently talking about Trump on H-AMSTDY, encounter this query from Eric Sandeen on December 12, 2000, that emerged from H-AMSTDY’s silence on the subject of the Bush vs. Gore election just as the Supreme Court