Funeral of Miss Anne Stamp

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday in class I showed the British political cartoon, "The repeal, or funeral of Miss Anne Stamp." A student asked what the flags were that the two men at the front of the funeral procession are carrying. I could not easily find a definitive answer so am turning to you. This version of the image at this url  suggests that they are images of stamps. Does anyone know whether that is correct?

Thank you!

Eva Sheppard Wolf

The Hand that Will Rule the World by Ralph Chaplin

"The Hand that Will Rule the World" by Ralph Chaplin

Cartoon published in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) journal Solidarity on June 30, 1917.

Source: Wikipedia

This work is in the public domain.

The Bosses of the Senate by Joseph Keppler

The Bosses of the Senate, a cartoon by Joseph Keppler. First published in Puck 1889. This version published by the J. Ottmann Lith. Co.

Joseph Keppler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Query: Help locating an editorial cartoon on the 1921 Emergency Quota Act

Hi: I am hoping to use crowd sourcing to solve a riddle: Sometime in the early 1920s there was an editorial cartoon published about the Emergency Quota Act of 1921.  It shows a doe-eyed child at Ellis Island alone on one side of a gate, and hundreds of admitted immigrants on the other side of the gate.


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