Virtual Speaker Series – Joy Porter on Trauma and Indigenous Masquerade after the First World War

In this Zoom-based talk, Joy Porter (University of Hull) will recount the remarkable story of Canadian poet Frank Prewett during and after the First World War. Prewett’s brooding good looks and claims to Iroquois ancestry attracted both sexes, including British aristocrats Siegfried Sassoon and Lady Ottoline Morrell. Amidst the heady vertigo of pandemic-ridden, post-war England, this remarkable Canadian became the toast of elite British literary society—that is, until it all crashed around his ears.

Call for Abstracts: Early Modern Asexualities

We are soliciting abstracts for 5,000-6,000-word papers to be included in an edited collection entitled Early Modern Asexualities. We invite people to propose papers that draw on the insights of asexuality studies to investigate early modern English literature and culture. Essays might explore how an understanding of asexuality and aromanticism can complicate and complement historical figurations of celibacy, chastity, abstinence, and intimacy in early modernity, or bring the lens of asexuality to a range of texts and historical figures.

Call for Book Chapters: "Poetics and Politics of Trauma: Regional Wounds, Universal Traumas, and the Possibility of Empathy"

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Call for Papers
August 11, 2021 to September 15, 2021
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