Possible Podcasts for Review

Greetings all, I am trying to compile a list of possible podcast series we could review on H-Podcast. We have a draft of review guidelines we'll share soon. But in the meantime share with me podcasts you think should get reviewed. The reviews will be part of the H-Reviews program at H-Net. 

Let us know any podcasts that would merit a review or let us know what you think might be a critera we should consider when selecting podcasts to review. 

Announcing the new H-Podcast reviews blog!

H-Podcast is pleased to announce the re-launch of The Podcast Footnote as a new podcast reviews blog on the H-Podcast network. In the coming months, contributors will be reviewing podcast series and individual podcast episodes and offering their thoughts on broader questions about podcasts and podcasting, such as: What's special about the podcast medium? How is it changing the media and information ecosystems? How do podcasts figure in teaching and learning?


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