Somatic Podcast - Ep 10, Toward a More Critical Sport Management

For some time, sport historians, sociologists, and sport management scholars have argued and lobbied for engendering a more critical sport management field, in which students and scholars can focus on the dialectical relations between the sport industry and the growing academic discipline.  With each year, more and more publication from outlets re

The 1838 St Joseph Constitution

Greetings all, I want bring your attention to the podcast series I produced with Julian Chambliss called The Florida Constitutions Podcast. These podcasts were recorded at the 2017 Florida Conference of Historians in Tallahassee and they feature an interview with a different scholar about one of Florida's historic constitutions, including the current one. H-Florida is hosting this podcast.

I am posting a discussion about each episode.

Re: Announcing VT Untapped, the podcast of the Vermont Folklife Center

Congrats to our sisters and brothers in Vermont! Further south on the Appalachian chain, Talking Across the Lines also has a new podcast called, of course, "Talking Across the Lines," on wit and wisdom on race, class and community survival from the coalfields and frack fields of West Virginia.

There are four episodes up now, two hour-long programs in our Hope series:

Working Historians: Charles Reed - Assoc. Prof., Elizabeth City State University, and President, H-Net

Hello everybody,

Our most recent episode is a conversation with Charles Reed, president of H-Net for 2018. Here we we talk about Chas’s background and his reign as president, but we also wander through other topics, such as declining enrollments in history programs, historically black colleges and universities, history-based role-playing and video games, and why everybody should care about H-Net.

Announcing VT Untapped, the podcast of the Vermont Folklife Center

VT Untapped, the podcast of the Vermont Folklife Center, has gone live!

First two episodes are up!

Episode 1: The Rainbow Cattle Co. looks at a drag troop that was based at a gay bar in Dummerston, VT
Episode 2: Deer Stories explores deer hunting in VT from the perspectives of the hunters themselves

From here on in we're looking to go monthly. Subscribe via your favorite podcast subscription thingie!

More info here:

Episode 6-The 1968 Constitution


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In 2018, we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the current Florida Constitution. This podcast series will look back at all the Constitutions in Florida starting with the first Florida Constitution drafted in 1838. These interviews were recorded at the 2018 annual meeting of the Florida Conference of Historians.


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