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The Scholarly Kitchen blog has a post by Robert Harrington published on Feb. 7, 2017 on the value of copyright and some issues created by the use of the Creative Commons CC-BY license.  Harrington also discusses the distinction between plagiarism and copyright violations.  The post has already attracted 20 comments.

"The Value of Copyright: A Publisher’s Perspective"

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im Dezember vergangenen Jahres ist die neue Ausgabe der Mitteilungen aus dem Brenner-Archiv (35 / 2016) erschienen. Themenschwerpunkt des Bandes: Plagiat.

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I'd read on Wikipedia the allegation that Huxley's "Brave New World" was plagiarized: "similarities between Brave New World and two science fiction novels written earlier by Polish author Mieczysław Smolarski, namely Miasto światłości ("The City of Light", 1924) and Podróż poślubna pana Hamiltona ("Mr Hamilton's Honeymoon Trip", 1928)."

College Plagiarism Infographic

The folks at the University of Illinois at Chicago have prepared an interesting infographic on plagiarism.  They call it: The Reality and Solution of College Plagiarism.  The intended audience is students working toward an MS in health informatics online.  It concludes with a list of sources.  Find it at:

Perhaps you have a similar infographic to share?


 We are gathering a research team to develop research projects in Romania on the topic of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) in universities and colleges. We are just beginning to develop ideas and review previous research on the topic. Although we do not have funding for these projects, our goal is to publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in respected journals (including ISI/Thompson Reuters journals) during the next few years. If you would are interested in joining us or learning more, please contact:
Bob Ives
Associate Professor

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