Academic exploitation (comment)


Courtesy of NCIS, below is a link and excerpt from an opinion by an "anonymous academic" posted Friday, May 18th. in the Guardian, discussing academic stresses and problems:

"Academia is built on exploitation. We must break this vicious circle: What did I find when I joined a university? Poor mental health, huge workloads, ego-driven professors and rampant plagiarism"

How much self citation is too much? (comment)


Below, courtesy of NCIS, is a link to an article from "Inside Higher Education" concerning the decision by Robert Sternberg to step down as editor of a major psychology journal amid complaints that he engaged in excessive self citation and self-plagiarism.  I wonder whether it is possible for prolific writers to avoid both offences simultaneously?  Shouldn't it be one or the other?

"Revolt Over an Editor: Prominent psychologist apologizes and resigns as journal editor over allegations of aggressive self-citation and more."


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