Tropy photo organizer app

Research Clutter: A New App Helps Create Order out of Disorder


Zoë Jackson | Apr 1, 2018



Tropy allows researchers to organize and describe photos taken in archives. Abby Mullen

What is the opposite of entropy, a trend toward disorder and chaos? Tropy, as Stephen Robertson, a cultural and social historian at George Mason University (GMU), and his team decided while brainstorming names for their new research management tool.

Re: Trademarked Costumes in Parades: Phenomenologically Speaking

Wow! Your website is a wonderful blog with photos, references, and personal fieldwork on processions. Makes me realize I need to do more research of personal blogs. I guess we write these blogs hoping others will read them, but who knows if our search engine optimization efforts are making our parade/procession content visible enough.Thanks for finding this blog and linking me up to your research.

Re: Trademarked Costumes in Parades: Phenomenologically Speaking

Hi Tiff,

This is a great post and I have only just discovered this blog forum. My own research is on religious processions in the UK (at moment on a very specific one to Manchester and surrounding areas. I have just sorted out my blog! Great to see other people are as obsessed with parades as I am!

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