May in the Philippines is a month of flowers and religious devotion as it is time for the catholic festival Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May). It includes daily flower offerings to the Virgin Mary, also perceived as a Queen of May, and results in colorful processions passing through the cities and towns.


Santacruzan, a pinnacle of the month-long festival, can be described as a sort of religio-historical beauty pageant. It is held to commemorate the discovery of the Holy Cross which, as believed, was made by Saint Helena and her son Constantine who became the first Christian Roman

Five Mountains Festival in Central Java

Eva Rapoport Blog Post

Five Mountains Festival (Festival Lima Gunung) is an annual festival held in Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. The name refers to five actual mountains (four of which are active or dormant volcanoes) situated in and around Magelang Regency – Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing and Andong. But such a unique geography isn’t the only hallmark of the area, it is also reach in traditional arts and culture. Five Mountains Festival has been organized since 2002 by the cognominal community. Komunitas Lima Gunung, which keep growing bigger by every year, unites people of various backgrounds –