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Well, did find this online:
Cover shows Westmoreland and LBJ lunch meet on 6 April 1968; this could be the date.

In these 2 web pages, Westmoreland promoted to DC in March 68 and the other says he asked for troop increase in June 68.

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Indicated possibly the date was not between Jan and March. Might have been after the speech of 3 March. But others would have records of dates, such as the White House?

Not likely his appearance was a QT visit. Sources show the request was at least 200,000 and was denied.

Doubt the person was a twin or a double. Just need a confirmed date. As for subject, one other thought did occur. Maybe was when MacV Command was relieved for Westmoreland that he returned.

Re: January 2022 New Year Handgrenade

None of the sources to which you give links says that Westmoreland made a trip to Washington during the period between the Tet Offensive and LBJ's famous speech of March 31, 1968, in which LBJ, without mentioning that Westmoreland had asked for a large addition to US strength in South Vietnam, made it pretty clear that he was only going to send a modest addition to US strength.

This confirms me in my belief that no such visit occurred during the period when LBJ was considering Westmoreland's request.

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Just a quick online sources search gives the below 4-5 webpages, which indicate date may have been off between March 3 and 7 April 68; this last date given as Gen. Westmoreland in DC.

Essentially the outcome was same as previously mentioned, with number of post-Tet troops being denied.

April might have been the date as weather was good at that time for a tennis match at Ft. McNair on the Sunday it happened.

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By 1970 Nixon was elected and in the White House. His attempt to turn the course of war in Vietnam led to expansion into Cambodia to cut the Ho Chi Minh trail and clean out NVA in Cambodia. This produced the Kent State murders which led to another March on DC as antiwar protests arose. At the time it was clear the Nation was coming apart and ending Vietnam would be the solution to a host of problems.

Prior to the time, Johnson, in the you tube included, withdrew from the 68 election. This was March of 1968 prior to riots in Chicago at the Dems Convention over Vietnam.

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With curiosity piqued due to differences on timeline, have looked at least into the Tet offensive online.

Here, 3 references show the Jan. '68 event which was a decisive US military victory over Viet Cong, and eventually served to draw the NVA regular units to enter S. Vietnam subsequently, creating a new phase of the war directly facing off the NVA with US.

It was not the battlefield loss which proved decisive for North Vietnam. It was the political shock in the US and Congress that Tet turned into an American political defeat.

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