Looking for reviewer: Book on Jewish Holidays

Academic Studies Press is looking for a reader who would be able to review the English translation of an educational book for adults about Jewish holidays and their role in forming Jewish national and family values. The reviewer will be required to access whether the manuscript is ready for publication, either as it is or with revisions. Our books will be offered as a complement.

For more information, please contact Kate Yanduganova at kate.yan@academicstudiespress.com

Crowd-sourcing reviews


The Scholarly Kitchen blog has a discussion of a new method that some journals are using to collect reviews of scientific articles.  The system relies on a large number of expert reviewers who are invited to "crowd" review a manuscript and can submit their comments much more rapidly than under the old system.

The comments are also of interest.  Commentators noted the way that this promotes discussion and collegiality; one of them thought it would be worth trying the same method with book reviews.

CFA: Armies in Retreat Peer Reviewers

As part of the Armies in Retreat book project, we are seeking peer-reviewers to assist in the double-blind peer review process.  The initial chapter selections for Armies in Retreat has been made and authors are working on their chapters currently.  From our call for chapters, we are interested in case studies and scholarly work related to retreats, evacuations and withdrawals by armies and large units across history.


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